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EVA vs metallocene

The correct packaging for fruit and vegetables is of great importance for safe transport. Frequently used packaging is cardboard set-up boxes or set-up trays. The setting up of these packaging can be accomplished quickly, easily and efficiently by means of a hot melt adhesive connection. The best hot melt for this application differs per application, packaging material and environment such as climate.

Hot melts: EVA or metallocene?

Intercol offers a wide range of hot melts suitable for all kinds of packaging, specifically for fruit and vegetable products, for hot fill and for deep-freeze applications. Hot melts for packaging are usually based on ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyolefin / metallocene. Both types of glue are widely used, but the adhesion and temperature resistance varies and is partly dependent on the type of cardboard, the construction of the box and the coating used.

For simple corrugated cardboard boxes without coating, an EVA hot melt usually provides sufficient adhesion. With waterproof coated cardboard, a metallocene hot melt is often the preferred adhesive choice. Polyolefin hot melts generally have a stronger adhesion to plastic-like materials, even in deep freeze it often remains more flexible, and tougher in heat.

EVA vs Metallocene & PolyOlefin

Combination with automatic filling and suction system

EVA as well as polyolefin and metallocene hot melts are well suited for use in an automatic filling and suction system. These systems provide more continuity, safety and ease of production. The hot melt units are also refilled this way regularly, which prevents extremely low and high tank levels.

An additional advantage is a reduced chance of malfunctions and lower maintenance costs of the equipment. The glue tank also stays cleaner.

Experience and expertise in the packaging industry

Intercol has a wide range of products, available directly from stock from the warehouse in Ede. This warehouse has a storage for 2,000,000 kilos of hot melts and adhesives. Just in time deliveries, delivery reliability, and “capable to promise” are all covered, as is the traceability of our products and raw materials. Intercol has a modern ISO and WareHouseManagement system.

adhesive warehouse hot melt

A courier can collect the products from our warehouse in Ede within 20 minutes. Our laboratory is continuously developing new products, but also conducts many practical tests. These practical tests are often necessary because coatings, lacquer layers, packaging material and laminates often change their properties unnoticed, and thus require different types of hot melt or glue. Many products such as tomatoes, soft fruit, peppers and peppers are packed in boxes, and sometimes these boxes have specific properties, for example in terms of heat resistance. Hot melts can be processed automatically in set-up machines from Boix, Sacmi, Multibox and Teco. But also in hand guns from REKA, for example.

hot melt adhesives

Self adhesive strip applicator (PSA hot melt)

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